Thrombophlebitis des Penis Treatment
Thrombophlebitis des Penis Treatment

Penile Mondor’s disease

Thrombophlebitis des Penis Treatment

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This service is more advanced with JavaScript available, Thrombophlebitis des Penis Treatment, learn more at http: Basic and Clinical Andrology. December It is usually considered as thrombophlebitis or phlebitis of subcutaneous vessels. Some findings suggest that it might be of lymphatic origin.

The chest, abdominal wall, penis, upper arm, and other parts of the body may also be involved by the disease. Although its physiopathology is not exactly known, transection of the vessel during surgery or any Thrombophlebitis des Penis Treatment of trauma such as external compression may trigger its possible development. This disease almost always limits itself. It may be associated with psychological distress and sexual incompatibility. The patients usually feel the superficial vein of the penis like a hard rope and present with complaint of pain around this hardness.

Diagnosis is usually easy with physical examination but color Doppler ultrasound examination is important for differential diagnosis. Thus, a close collaboration is required between radiologist and urologist in order to determine the correct diagnosis and appropriate therapies.

Literature search was made through a search in the MedLine database using PubMed and Scopus for the articles which were written in English language and published between July and June Electronic search was limited to the following keywords: Six of them were compiled articles.

No meta-analysis was found. The last compilation was three years ago. InBraun-Falco defined dorsal phlebitis of the penis in the context of generalized Thrombophlebitis des Penis Treatment [ 2 ].

Its real incidence is considered to be higher than reported. Only 53 cases were reported in the literature [ 4 ]. No specific etiology has been found in the cases reported so far, Thrombophlebitis des Penis Treatment.

There are asymptomatic cases. The patients usually present with an hardness like a rope at dorsum of the penis. They complain of episodic or continuous pain and throbbing. Erythema and edema may be seen on the penile skin. Some patients feel distention on the site of thrombosis. There is usually pain typically exacerbated during erection. Some patients may develop irritative voiding symptoms [ 1011 ]. Color Doppler ultrasound examination is of importance in differential diagnosis.

Histopathological examination may also be helpful in diagnosis [ 1 ]. It probably develops secondarily Thrombophlebitis des Penis Treatment vascular endothelial trauma. The palpable thrombotic superficial vein of the penis. There are no typical changes in the serum. Laboratory investigations showing tendency to thrombosis are rarely required. In pathological examination, the most important differential diagnosis is sclerosing lymphangitis of the penis, Thrombophlebitis des Penis Treatment.

It is very easy for the microvascular structures to be confused with the lymphatic system. Immunohistochemical investigations may separate them. Histopathological examination may reveal swelling in the endothelial cells, increased connective tissue in the vessel wall, thrombus, and infiltration of the lymphocytes, histiocytes, and the plasma cells in the perivascular area. Differential diagnosis with sclerosing lymphangitis is made by staining of the endothelium with monoclonal antibodies to CD31 and CD No staining with these antibodies occur in sclerosing lymphangitis, Thrombophlebitis des Penis Treatment.

Color Doppler ultrasound examination plays important role in differential diagnosis of two conditions of the penis: In Doppler Ultrasound US examination, dorsal vein thrombosis and hemodynamic changes due to it are observed.

On the color Doppler US, no color filling and flow spectrum is observed in the lumen of superficial vein. Color Doppler US examination of the cavernous arteries reveal low-speed, high-resistance flow pattern. Cases diagnosed with magnetic resonance angiography have been reported in the literature [ 12 ]. History and physical examination is of primary importance in the diagnosis. Color Doppler US may be used when necessary, Thrombophlebitis des Penis Treatment. But role of the MRI is controversial.

Both physical examination and color Doppler US reveal that the hardness is not Thrombophlebitis des Penis Treatment the tunica albuginea. Sclerosing lymphangitis is a more common condition. Color filling and flow-spectrum are not observed in the lumen in the color and spectral examination of the penile dorsal vein. Low-speed, high-resistance flow pattern is observed in Thrombophlebitis des Penis Treatment cavernous arteries. This finding of color Doppler US is absent in sclerosing lymphangitis.

In the acute stage, sexual activity should be restricted in addition to the use of anti-coagulant agents. Creams containing heparin and anti-inflammatory drugs are used in the subacute and chronic stages. During these stages, the patient should be advised to restrict his sexual activity until the symptoms due to infection if exists, and severe pain disappear. No permanent sequel has been defined in long-term. Thrombectomy and resection of the Verletzung von Blutfluss und das Ausmaß penile vein are applied surgically in the patients refractory to the medical treatment.

Symptomatic patients without flow in the color Doppler US after the sixth week should be considered as refractory to the medical treatment. Option of surgical treatment should be offered. Early and accurate diagnosis increases efficiency of the medical treatment and limits necessity of the surgical options. In this respect, a well performed physical examination and knowing findings of color Doppler US exam is of great importance in early diagnosis and treatment. Thus accurate and rapid diagnosis and treatment is of great importance.

This article is published under license to BioMed Central Ltd. Basic and Clinical Andrology DecemberThrombophlebitis des Penis Treatment, Materials and methods Literature search was made through a search in the MedLine database using PubMed and Schwangerschaft und cesarean Varizen for the articles which were written in English language and published between July and June Etiology and pathogenesis Penile venous system; Venous drainage of the penis begins at the base of the glans; a series of venous canals merge to form the dorsal vein of the penis, which in turn runs along a groove between the corpora and drains into the preprosthatic venous plexus.

The circumflex veins orginate in the corpus spongiosa and extend around the corpus cavernosum on either side to merge with the deep dorsal vein perpendicularly. They are only present in the two distal thirds of the penis and total between 3 and 10 in number.

Intermediate venules of the venous sinuses in turn form and drain into a capillary plexus beneath the tunica. This plexus system gives rise to emitting veins that generally extend obliquely between the layers of the tunica and drain into the circumflex vein at the dorsolateral level.

The emitting veins in the proximal third of the penis merge over the dorsomedial surface of the corpus cavernosum bilaterally to form between 2 to 5 cavernous veins. In the hilum of the Thrombophlebitis medica, these vessels pass between the pillars and the bulbar region receiving branches from each of them and joining with the internal pudendal veins [ 5 ].

Apart from the erectile structures, vessels of the penile skin also originate from the external pudendal branch of the femoral artery. These vessels enter the penis at radix of penis, Thrombophlebitis des Penis Treatment.

They run longitudinally Thrombophlebitis des Penis Treatment the Dartos layer and make frequent anastomoses between each other [ 6 ]. This widespread venous network may be affected by trauma and inflammatory or infectious processes in the genital region under certain conditions. Causes of the disease include frequent, severe, and prolonged sexual intercourse, Thrombophlebitis des Penis Treatment, penile trauma, prolonged sexual abstinence, local e.

But the main etiological cause is considered to be trauma due to sexual intercourse [ 9 ]. Some of these patients have history of one or more sexually transmitted diseases. The lesion is on the dorsum of Beschreibung der Krankheit Krampfadern in all of the patients.

It is close to radix of the penis in many patients while it is close to sulcus coronarius in some patients [ 13 ], Thrombophlebitis des Penis Treatment. The lesion usually extends to the suprapubic region. The thrombosed vessel is adhered to the penile skin covering it. The vessel may appear as swollen and erythematous. The thrombotic vessel may occasionally be seen in the superficial pudendal vein. Open image in new window. Figure 1 The palpable thrombotic superficial vein of the penis.

Traumatic thrombophlebitis of the superficial dorsal vein of the penis: Am J Emerg Med. Thrombophlebitis of a dorsal vein of the penis: West J Emerg Med. Benson Schaden, wenn Thrombophlebitis, Boileau M: Adult and Pediatric Urology. J Am Wunden an den Füßen in der Diabetes-Behandlung Assoc.

Turkiye Klinikleri J Med Sci, Thrombophlebitis des Penis Treatment. Thrombosis of the dorsal vein of the penis. A propos of two cases. J Magn Reson Imaging.

Des Moines Iowa Internist Doctors physician directory - Learn about phlebitis and thrombophlebitis, an inflammation of a vein, and blood clots that cause the.

Petrosilicum D6 wrde ich auch noch nehmen. In der Ambulanz wurde ich von einer Oberauml;rztin empfangen, welche sich 2 Stunden mit mir unterhielt. HINWEIS: Sie waren einige Zeit inaktiv. Das Gel gegen Thrombophlebitis des Penis Treatment verdankt seine starke und. Rufen Sie Ihren Arzt, wenn eine der folgenden nach der Operation auftritt: (1) Erhhte Schmerzen, Schwellung oder Entwsserungs im OP-Bereich.

What Is Mondors Disease?

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